We are a digital integrators

We focus on integrating technology into healthcare eco system


We bring in process capabilities, sound market intelligence to drive agility, customer centricity and formulate a data- defined digital transformation strategy. We bring domain expertise around AI, robotics, smart bots, machine learning, analytics and natural language processing to help customers transform their business. In doing so, we help customers better align their business priorities with the outcomes.
Our digital re-imagination strategy and solution driving agility and customer's centricity through data defined business. This business strategy anchored in real-time, data-driven, and analytical, inside driven decision making provides positive impact on productivity, profits and market valuation to our customers.

We leverage our competencies to help our customers around digital transformation to integrate their products and technology and drive better business value.

Our Achievements

Our successful execution of Digital Mission Mode Project (DMMP). A project under Digital India initiative of e-governance. Through this project we have digitalized the entire workflow to ensure smoother & speedy execution, with an aim of hassle free smooth operations of an Eighty three years old organization from British era.
Medical Council of India (MCI) will be able to monitor attendance of faculty members in all the Medical Colleges across the country, in a move aimed at exposing ghost faculties in institutions and making the process transparent. This helps the MCI to monitor and regulate the medical colleges for their compliance.
This system also envisages ”One Country One Registration” under which each and every medical practitioner/doctor will be issued RFID registration card. The RFID card provides a Unique Identification Number that is linked with Aadhaar. Doctors registering once with MCI will enable them to practice across the country.

Our digital re-imagination strategy transform and automates people, process and technology to the digital first world.

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