Health Care Analytics

Solutions in areas like; care, reimbursement, network optimization, risk adjustment & commercial analytics

Healthcare is undergoing a massive transformation as technology is increasingly used to engage consumers, patients and caregivers, provide real-time information, and support care delivery with better use of data and analytics. In addition, as payment systems steer toward value-based models, providers need to invest in a multitude of advanced tools and technologies to meet regulatory needs, enhance quality of care and minimize the costs of healthcare delivery. However, given the scale and complexity of the IT environment, healthcare organizations face significant challenges in integrating data across health ecosystems and using this data for making better decisions.

Offers a unique combination of healthcare technology services and platforms to enable large health systems and develop enterprise solutions to accelerate innovation in healthcare. With its strong domain expertise and technology skills, Techinfy helps healthcare organizations address their complex business and technology challenges and drive innovation.

Whether you are looking to prospectively identify your current and emerging risk, quantify and prioritize gaps in care, ensure appropriate reimbursement, apply behavior modification solutions to care, find undiagnosed patients, identify patient treatment patterns and payment integrity programs, or structure value based programs to name a few, the TechInfy team will collaborate to prescribe approaches, achieve desired outcomes, and deliver value by helping you reach your specific goals.

We’ll work as an extension of your team to tackle business opportunities with insights-driven recommendations and market expertise.

Once we identify your needs, we apply our deep expertise within the following areas to help drive your business forward.

We help clients in the following areas:

Analytics and reporting services

Analytics-enabled business processes

Benefit design consulting

Opportunity assessments

Program effectiveness & outcomes analysis


From Optimizing Revenue to Improving Care Delivery,
we are helping clients with:

Complex Contract Review



Waste & Abuse

Comprehensive Query Development


Preference Sensitive Treatment Models

Identification & Stratification

Impactability and Intervenability

Gaps in Care Identification

Value-based Benefit Design

Find Undiagnosed Patients

Identifying Patient Treatment Patterns

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