Enabling Healthcare organizations take better decisions and outcomes through digital insights

Challenges faced by Healthcare organizations around the globe is in reducing the cost of care delivery, improve the patient experience and improve the health of populations. Across all health sectors, digital health platform transformation is recognized as a powerful enabler of patient-centered care, smarter decisions and better outcomes.

With strong experience in Healthcare IT solutions in developing and integrating business, clinical and other products for public and private sector health organizations, Techinfy helps clients anticipate challenges and achieve real transformation. Additionally, our understanding of market dynamics and political environments while leveraging Techinfy’s global capabilities and delivery systems to provide best-fit solutions that are cost-effective and platform-agnostic.

We actively participate in industry research and partnership to innovate to improve the patient experience, reduce the cost of care delivery, and improve the health of populations. We partner with the government to find new approaches to impact lives of citizens to shape the future together.

Techinfy serves government health regulators; commercial individual care delivery institutions, integrated health systems and pharma and life sciences firms, with focused offerings for

Optimising Revenue to Improve Delivery.
we are helping clients with:


Electronic Health Records

Hospital Management System

Tele Medicine

Tele Radiology

Health Analytics

Health Information Exchange

Internet of Health Things

Patient-Centered Care Management

Public Health

Experience and Expertise

Techinfy provides secure EHR's for thousands of citizens in several countries
As a technology partner to the Medical Council of India, Techinfy managed regulatory compliance monitoring for more than 550 colleges in India
Hospital Management Solutions are used by 1000+ health professionals and 50+ hospitals
As a partner to a number of the Indian Ministries of Health organizations, Techinfy supports critical applications including interoperable electronic health records and registry and data warehouse/business intelligence solutions

Our digital re-imagination strategy transform and automates people, process and technology to the digital first world.

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