Our solutions recommend operating models and digitization roadmap to better optimize resources and maximize services to its citizens

Our rapidly urbanizing world faces an enormous demographic imbalance. Clearly cities are the key to whether we successfully meet this massive transition challenge and achieve growth that is both sustainable and inclusive. And the critical enabler is going to be technology. What was once a visionary notion is now the new normal: technology is really as essential as the three utilities—water, gas, and electricity.

The goal is to view technology as part of a holistic, services-oriented approach to revitalizing cities. imagine what would happen if everywhere you went, as with electricity or water, that technology were simply built in? Suddenly the only thing to worry about would be how to provide the new services that consumers will increasingly demand: assisted living for the older population, safety and security, parking services, medical services, and access to public services in general. The concept of smart cities really is a solution.

How can we accelerate this transition?

Techinfy transforms people everyday living by empowering them with high-speed data through smarter networks. In today's connected world, data is the driver of security, productivity and growth and our Smart City solutions ensures that data is available anytime, anywhere. We bring our experience in fiber optics and telecommunications infrastructure, and collaborate with multiple global partners to provide the best technologies of today and tomorrow.

Our Smart City solutions ensure high performance through unique devices to software capabilities. Our R&D labs drive with development initiatives, constant innovation and the proven ability to design, build and manage challenging projects like to make successful Smart City implementations.

Our Smart city ecosystem addresses the interests of diverse communities by implementing state-of-the-art integrated solutions that include fiber backbone, long-range low-power wireless platforms (LoRa networks), Internet of Things (IoT) platform, sensors and applications. This combination assures the seamless and sustainable transformation of the unconnected to the hyper-connected.

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Our digital re-imagination strategy transform and automates people, process and technology to the digital first world.

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