Our solutions improve the lives of citizens, keeping them safe and enhancing their day-to-day experiences with effective city surveillance

Video surveillance is very effective for as long as human operators can fully focus on one specific scene at a time. In practice, professional operators have to deal with hundreds or thousands of cameras within the city monitoring system. Studies have shown that the average human attention span is only around 20 minutes.

It is absolutely impossible for human beings to process all incoming video streams accordingly – and in case of emergencies, not only every single second but every single video image counts. To provide reliable and effective city surveillance, video analytics and efficient video management is necessary in order to support city officials and employees in their everyday business.

Security-relevant events are automatically detected and highlighted to provide situational awareness and to minimize response time. Results obtained from traffic analysis (vehicle counting & classification) or behaviour analysis (e.g. activity, dwelling-time & counting of persons) can be evaluated statistically and applied for the shaping of future & existing smart cities.

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