Virtualisation and Augmentation

Showcase smart city facilities and infrastructure.
provide immersive experience to Citizens

XR (Extended Reality), which includes AR, VR & MR, refers to the latest technology advancements that bring the people and places closure. Gone are the days when one has to travel to a place to know, understand experience the details. With XR based solution one can teleport to any location, see, experience and interact virtually. Assisted Reality helps even non-tech savvy persons to view and experience places which normally they would not reach.

Virtualisation and Augmentation solution enables smart cities to showcase their facilities and infrastructure through virtual interactive tours and integration with websites, social media, blogs and even kiosks placed at strategic locations. The solution helps users and general public to search and virtually visit the place, interact and understand the relevant details, and even provide feedback.

Virtualisation and Augmentation solution helps to establish a 'close-to-realistic' interactive visual system, which supports both the Government and general public in many ways.

Enhance public awareness about the services offered by the Government in the priority sectors like education, health and tourism and further showcase the changes / improvements year-on-year
Bring accountability into the system (service providers) by ensuring the systems are in place and are in good shape
Establish a transparent system where in the citizens understand what are the facilities available and what they can expect, and the service providers (government systems and agencies) assure the citizens about the services they provide (without compromising on operational freedom)
Promote tourism in the city by showcasing the specialities and uniqueness of the tourist centres and drive economic prosperity

Some of the Smart City Virtualisation and Augmentation solution with significant benefits to users and citizens are

Virtual Reality (VR) Centre

Virtualisation and Augmentation solution helps to set up a VR centre with many kiosks installed and connected VR devices. These kiosks are loaded with relevant Virtual Interactive Tours and local event videos and images. Visitors can virtually visit favourite places of their choice and have an immersive experience of the places and events using assisted VR solution.

Search, Explore and Experience Infrastructure and Facilities

Virtualisation and Augmentation solution enables creating and publishing 360° Virtual Interactive Tours for users to search, access and virtually navigate across the facilities and explore things in an interactive way. Smart city administration can showcase their infrastructure and facilities to the citizens and stakeholders across websites and social media.

Showcase Year-on-Year Visible Changes

Virtualisation and Augmentation solution enables Smart cities to showcase to the citizens and other stakeholders, year-on-year improvements being done in their public infrastructure and facilities. One can visually compare what was it like earlier and how better it is now. These changes, demonstrated completely in a visual manner using 360° Virtual Interactive images, helps in enhancing transparency and accountability in the system.

Our Virtualisation and Augmentation Solutions

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Public Libraries


Public Parks

Public Utilities

Tourist Centre

VR Centres

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