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Enterprises across the world are presented with incredible opportunities every day to mine data; they need experienced IT partners to help them design effective data mining strategies and solutions to gain the most out of their data analysis. We are at the forefront of pioneering Big Data analytics and provide IT solutions centered on this emerging trend, which would completely transform the way enterprises deal with data.

Transforming Data into Insights

We believe that today’s enterprises need to gear up and obtain value from the voluminous data available to them and create meaningful business insights. Our Big Data analytics solutions allow enterprises to turn unstructured data into commercially viable information, which helps them make strategic business decisions.

Our Big Data analytics solutions allow enterprises to improve data insights and core functions, allowing them to create better products and services. Enterprises are increasingly investing on 'Data Mining Technologies', as they believe this is where the future is heading. Enterprises need software solutions that are built around Big Data analytics, as it is no longer an option, but a business necessity.

Big Data has changed the market dynamics to a great extent and enterprises that are left will continue to struggle against their competitors. Each day new tools, new methods of capturing and analyzing data are being introduced in the market. Enterprises need unique solutions to address these challenges. Techinfy has been on the forefront of helping enterprises with their proven Big Data analytics solutions. Our Big Data analytics solutions help enterprises structure information processing, thereby strengthening their decision making processes.

As a leading IT enterprise that emphasizes on the importance of Big Data analytics, we are equipped to provide customized Big Data solutions to address key requirements across various industry verticals. Our Big Data analytics solutions include:


Data Visualization and Analytics

QA and Testing


Development and Implementation Services

Support and Maintenance


We assist enterprises with

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