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Unprecedented demographic changes, rapid urbanization and need for public safety are challenging governments like never before. A connected government has the ability to accelerate decision making, improve revenue collections, provide essential citizen services and simplify the lives of millions of citizens.

Efficient execution of E-governance is extremely important for the governments in their respective area to align their services with the changing needs of citizens. The rise of information and communication technology over the years has made the e-governance initiative common in most countries. It enables government departments to function in a more efficient and transparent manner, but still it is an evolving concept and practice due to various challenges in its implementation.

As a leading solutions provider of e-governance services, Techinfy works closely with various government bodies to build a modern, IT enabled framework of governance.

Our Solution for ‘Digital India’ roadmap with a strong ‘Design in India’, ‘Make in India’ approach. We have built a robust delivery framework expanding the network of service centers and workforce across rural pockets and major urban centers in India. As a E-governance solution provider in the country, we partner with government to serve the citizens.

We have simplified the lives of millions of Indians through delivery of Government services, provide information and access to the benefits programs of government, as well as training and skill development right down to thousands of villages across India.

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